Personalized Punjabi Name Products

The Personalized Punjabi Name products are the perfect for the special someone or even yourself! We have such a beautiful language and it should be celebrated. We love that you can wear the Personalized Punjabi Name Necklaces with your everyday looks and layer it with other pieces in your closet. 

The Process

Once you've placed your Personalized Punjabi Name product, a member of our customer service team will email you to confirm the spelling your necklace. If you're ahead of the game and submitted your order with the spelling in Punjabi you prefer, we'll go ahead and process your order; if not we'll do a translation to the best of our ability and email you to confirm. 

Once you've confirmed your spelling, your Personalized Punjabi Name product will immediately go into production. The Personalized Punjabi Name products take 45 days in production as each product is specially made just for you. They are singular pieces that aren't mass produced. 

When Will You Get Your Order

The Personalized Punjabi Name products take 45 days in production plus the shipping option that you choose. We recommend choosing an expedited shipping option because most of our amazing customers can't wait to get their hands on their special necklace! 

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